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Announcing: Stream On Finalists!

May 11 2018 - By Anna Robinson

In March, Twitch Studios premiered Stream On, a live interactive game show based on Twitch’s mission: to help creators make a living doing what they love. While taking on weekly challenges over the last 10 weeks, the 14 participating streamers learned new skills and elevated their broadcasts with support from their communities. Every streamer walks away with a cash prize, but the champion will receive $5,000 per month for a year from Twitch — a total of $60,000 — to take their streaming career to the next level.

Yesterday, the 3 Stream On finalists were chosen. They are:

88bitmusic : Known for creating completely unique, often bizarre musical experiences, 88bitmusic has been a champion for the Twitch music community, and often broadcasts highly produced narrative content in character to support his efforts.

BanzaiBaby: Known for her endless energy and woodworking skill, BanzaiBaby has expanded the universe of her stream to include a host of characters, crafts, traditions, and new types of content to bolster her already incredibly engaged community.

Wavy : Known for high level gameplay mixed with entertaining and unique production effects, Wavy also often freestyle raps and dances his way into the games he plays as he competes and entertains his community.

Get to know and follow these streamers, because this week they are pulling out all the stops as part of their final challenge: “You Do You.” If you need to catch up, stop by [/Twitch](http://www.twitch.tv/twitch) on May 16th starting at 9am PT for a celebratory marathon of all 10 previous episodes. Then, tune in to the finale on /Twitch this Thursday, May 17th at 3pm PT, and vote using a custom Twitch Extension to influence the judges on who should be the very first champion of Stream On, and the winner of the $60k grand prize.

Keep an eye on streamon.twitch.tv to learn more and see when the streamers are live, and follow @twitch_studios on twitter for updates!

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