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The Game Awards Live on /Twitchgaming: Winners, losers, all the hot takes

Dec 8 2020

Unlike everywhere else, when The Game Awards go live December 10th on /twitchgaming it’s going to look a little different. 

Not just because this whole year’s been a little different. It’s because here, gaming is our turf. So we’ll be calling out the taboo stuff like, how did that game get a nod over you-know-what.  It’s what happens when you tune-in for this once a year live show co-streamed by your favorite Twitch creators, who will definitely go off script because they never had scripts anyways. And if you’re a creator, your opportunity to co-stream The Game Awards for your own community is unlocked via /twitchgaming (where content is always open to co-streaming). Now go out and be the next Geoff Keighley. 

The /twitchgaming TGA Pre-Show starts at 2:30pm PST where off the cuff opinions, cordially, will fly about who will get GOTY,  and offer unfiltered takes on what’s ahead for 2021.  Once the show goes up, anything can and will happen, from expansion announcements to reveals and, a dash of hey it’s an A-list celeb, all the expected must watch moments.  And only /twitchgaming can turn gaming’s biggest night into an actual multiplayer bout, letting you score channel points by predicting who will win and let you vote your hype to measure who’s really stealing the show.

But that’s not all. Watching The Game Awards on Twitch channels with Drops enabled, will offer the opportunity for exclusive Twitch Drops from, oh just a couple slightly popular games: Fortnite and Among Us (see details below for securing the Drops). 

It’s time to enjoy The Game Awards with people who actually play the games. After all, this is what we’re made for. Be there live on /twitchgaming or via your favorite co-streamer.

How to Earn Twitch Drops During The Game Awards

Here’s everything you need to score exclusive Twitch Drops during the broadcast.  

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