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Compliments to the Chefs for Food & Drink Month

Apr 1 2021

Everyone knows Twitch’s got game. We also got: chocolate croissants, chicken gumbo, fettuccine alfredo, soup dumplings, and a full bar of drinks for all ages. That’s right, this month we’re shining a spotlight on the culinary creators who proudly open up their kitchens and mixology shelves to help us all level up our own skills.  

Community Challenges 

We’re kicking things off with your favorite Food and Drink streamers creating mouthwatering gaming inspired dishes. Then throughout the month they’ll be sharing their recipe cards, letting you put your own spin on their signature dishes and drinks. Join in the fun by tweeting your own creations to us @Twitch and tagging us on Instagram.

Check out the full menu of upcoming featured streamers here: 

Even as 2021 seems to be moving toward a return to normal, this is still a time where many people are facing food insecurity due to Covid-19. So we’re continuing to work with two charities to help raise aid for all those who need it most. Find out how you can get involved:

No Kid Hungry

How they’re helping: 

You can join the No Kid Hungry mission by creating a support campaign here

Feeding America

How they’re helping: 

Be part of Feeding America’s campaign here.

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