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Let’s Talk About Mental Health Awareness Week on Twitch

Oct 6 2020

October 4-10 is National Mental Health Awareness Week! We encourage you to join us as we talk about best practices for mental health, stigmas associated with mental illness, and tools to assist both content creators and users to protect their mental health during difficult times.

Watch Creators discuss mental health in stream

The following streamers will be discussing mental health in their various streams throughout the week:

Oct. 5th, Negaoryx, 11AM-1PM PST

Oct. 5th, AhrenGray, 2PM-4PM PST

Oct. 6th, Miss_Rage, 6AM-8AM PST

Oct. 6th, ClassyKatie, 8AM-10AM PST

Oct. 7th, Katie, 12PM-2PM PST

Oct. 7th,SheSnaps, 2PM-4PM PST

Oct. 7th, Whoischelsea, 4PM-6PM PST

Oct. 8th, erinsteeby, 12PM-2PM PST

Oct. 8th, Mxiety, 3PM-5PM PST

Oct. 8th, FeralWife, 5PM-7PM PST

Crisis Text Line 

Twitch has teamed up with Crisis Text Line to provide community members with 24/7 access to trained Crisis Counselors in the US. If you’re in need of support, you can get connected with a Crisis Counselor 24 hours a day by texting TWITCH to 741741. This service is completely free, confidential, and conducted exclusively via text message. 

While this is currently only available in the US, we are working to expand access and look forward to sharing as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can find a list of additional resources on the Twitch Cares page. Now more than ever practicing self-care is essential. If you or someone you know needs help, tell someone. You are not alone. 

When will this be available outside the US? 

Twitch is working to expand access to mental health resources globally, and we will share more updates as we have them. 

Can I speak with someone on the phone instead?

Crisis Text Line is a text-based service. You can find a list of mental health resources on the Twitch Cares page.  

Content to watch 

Mental Health in a Digital Age Panel: In collaboration with the Born This Way Foundation, Mental Health in a Digital Age will cover the resources and avenues for connection to meet young people where they are online. The panel represents expertise at the intersection of kindness, mental wellness, and games/digital media. When you tune in, you’ll receive information on resources to support your mental wellness and learn how to deepen connections with others in an increasingly virtual world. Stream will take place Friday, October 9th at 11am on

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