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Check out the game we made at GlitchCon

Dec 3 2020

 Dr. Doggo: Enter the Glitch is now available to download and play!

This game was created over the course of Glitchcon during the “Let’s Make a Game” segment with Code HQ and Warp World.

Throughout the day, thousands of viewers voted on features and game mechanics, which were coded directly into the game LIVE, and then immediately playtested by StorymodebaeitsHafu, and Wavy on their channels. The game integrated with an extension that allowed the playtesters chat to directly affect the game in real time by spawning items and enemies, and triggering effects and events.

Building this game was one of our favorite parts of GlitchCon. We hope you enjoy!



I missed GlitchCon but would like to watch the Let’s Make A Game segment. 
You missed a good one! Catch up with the VODs here

Is the chat extension available?
We’re working on it! The chat extension will soon be publicly available so you can use it to play along with your Twitch community. In the meantime, the game can absolutely be played without the extension.

I’m having trouble opening the game.
Be sure to unzip the folder, then just run the .exe file. The game is available on PC only.

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