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Celebrating K-Pop on Twitch: Unlock exclusive K-Pop Emotes

Oct 19 2020

K-pop stans of Twitch unite! As K-pop continues to take the world by storm, so many in the Twitch music community join together to celebrate their favorite groups, master the dance moves, and cheer on the success of band mates. The love is real. And to make the shared love of Twitch and the K-pop community an official-official thing, we’re spotlighting exclusive K-pop programming produced  by K-pop creators and releasing K-pop emotes.

To celebrate the K-pop music community on Twitch, we’ve made 10 K-pop emotes you can permanently unlock between October 19 at 2 PM PT through October 30 at 11:59 PM PT. You can collect each one by cheering 300 Bits or more, purchasing a Subscription, or Gifting Subs on any Affiliate or Partner channel. For the full details checkout the FAQ here

The K-pop emotes are lovingly crafted by illustrators /artagonist_HD and /Sntmntlrestart with a wink and nod to the music, culture, and K-pop community on Twitch that help make it a global force. 

As we continue to make Twitch the best place for music fans to come together live, K-pop will be a special part of the music community with exclusive K-pop programming, showcasing:

Check out all the K-pop streams and more live in the Music category. Keep your eyes peeled, and ears tuned-in, for the celebration ahead!

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