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SoundCloud Debuts New Series for Music Creators

May 5 2020

Calling all music creators. Our friends at SoundCloud are launching a weekly show for artists, creatives and listeners to meet emerging acts, hear from some major names in music and connect directly with the SoundCloud team. 

Here’s a sneak peak at this week’s shows:

Studio Sessions with Soulection 
Wednesday, 5/6 2-3:30pm ET
Want inspiration for your next track? Join Soulection founder Joe Kay as he digs through the crates of SoundCloud for hidden gems. 

Cloud Bar
Thursday, 5/7 2-3:30pm ET 
Learn more about self-care, the music media landscape and the future of “live” events.

Fresh Pressed
Monday, 5/11 2-5pm ET
Be the first to hear the latest SoundCloud tracks and compare notes with other tastemakers.

Click here for the full calendar of events and subscribe to /soundcloud to make sure you don’t miss a stream.

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