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Thursday Night Football returns to Twitch

Sep 27 2018 - By Evan Freitas

Are you ready for some sportsball?

The 2018 NFL season is underway and starting tonight at 8:20pm ET, when the Vikings visit the Rams, you can catch every Thursday Night Football matchup live on Twitch. We’ve saved you a seat on the world’s largest couch (Twitch Chat), so tune in, cheer with thousands of other fans in chat, and experience the game of football in a whole new way.

As any fan knows, repping your favorite team is of the utmost importance. So to help you let chat know who you’re pulling for, each week the NFL teams’ playing in the Thursday Night game will have their logos available as global emotes. We’ve also added a few new emotes just for fun. So get out there and let the world know you truly believe the Browns will win it all this year.

The first game on Twitch is Vikings at the Rams this Thursday with kick-off at 8:20pm ET on (available on web and mobile apps). And to celebrate sportsball returning to Twitch, one of the Twitchverse’s biggest sports fans, GoldGlove, will be co-streaming the game live. So tune in to during the broadcast to check out his live commentary and takes on the game.

Follow for alerts when games are starting and to take a look at the full Thursday Night Football schedule. We’ll see you tonight!

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