Apr 16, 2024

Meet the Featured Streamers for TwitchCon Europe!

Just like on Twitch, streamers are a core part of what makes TwitchCon an unforgettable experience. Today we’re hyped to introduce some of the incredible featured streamers who will be taking centre stage in Rotterdam this 29-30 June!

From trivia to role-playing recaps, keep scrolling to check out what they’ve got planned along with the full schedule for TwitchCon Europe.

Weekend Millionaire ft. Samora

Join the ultimate trivia challenge LIVE on the Glitch Theatre stage. For every multiple choice question answered correctly you’ll win more and more subs. Hang with /Samora as she seeks TwitchCon’s Weekend Millionaire. Have what it takes to win big?

PixelGuesser ft. Sweet_Anita

/Sweet_Anita invites four streamers to decipher pixelated clues in her unique game show. Solving her 8-bit puzzles won’t be an easy feat: PixelGuesser contestants face a barrage of physical challenges along the way.

Roleplay Legends ft. MrGibbon

/MrGibbon and legends from the Twitch roleplay community relive their favourite RP moments in DayZ, Escape From Tarkov, Rust, and GTA 5, while offering advice to any streamers eager to enter. If you’re a fan of roleplay, this is a must-see event!

Want to learn even more about our 29 featured streamers? Check out their bios and what they’re planning for you at TwitchCon right here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Cast LIVE ft. LEAH

Come experience the fantastical world of Baldur’s Gate 3 with the game’s voice cast as they share behind-the-scenes stories and chat with the audience.

The TwitchCon Europe 2024 Schedule is LIVE!

Check out the full schedule right here and start planning your epic weekend in Rotterdam. Here are some of our favourite highlights:

We can’t wait to see you at TwitchCon Europe! Get your tickets now and join us for a legendary IRL celebration of all things Twitch.

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