Nov 16, 2020

Put some hype into your holidays with Twitch gift cards

The holidays are around the corner. Need a gift idea? We got you. A Twitch gift card is the ultimate way to level up love, add subs, cheer wins and have some fun this holiday season. It’s the perfect gift for gamers, musicians, artists, athletes, anyone.

Buy a $50 gift card, get $5 off

For a limited time, we have a special promotion on gift cards, exclusively on Amazon. Enter the code TWITCH20 at checkout to receive the discount.** **This deal will run from November 16 to November 20 only, while supplies last. This offer is subject to terms and conditions that can be found here. Show some love to your favorite streamers. Give thanks to your community. Send one to your favorite moderator, emote artist, or friends in chat!

Coming soon: gift cards available in euros

Twitch digital gift cards are making their euro debut! Digital gift cards come in €25, €50, €100 and €200 denominations. Euro gift cards will be available at and can be redeemed by residents in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

Twitch gift cards in euros can only be purchased and spent in the above countries where euros are used to purchase goods on Twitch. And Twitch gift cards in US dollars cannot be spent in these countries. We’ll be adding more countries in the near future, so check back here for the latest info. 

Twitch merch loot cave

As a reminder, Twitch gift cards cannot be used for merch. But our hoodies, glitch pillow, and other purple goodies combined with Twitch gift cards make for a next level bundle gift for the holidays! Head over to our loot cave on Amazon to shop and keep your eyes peeled for new swag that will be launching soon, along with deals (!!) through the end of the year.

Whether it’s dollars or euros, there’s no better way to add some hype to your holidays. Give the gift of subscribing, gifting subs, and cheering Bits all through one gift card. 

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Where can I get a Twitch gift card? 

Visit to see all the places where you can purchase.

Do cards expire?

Nope! The card’s funds stay yours as long as your Twitch account is active.

How do I/my kid/grandkid/sibling/friend/partner/coworker/ redeem the card? 

Our code redemption page is here, and it can also be found on

Your gift recipient will need to have or create a Twitch account to redeem their code. Codes can only be redeemed in available countries. Once a gift card is redeemed, the full amount on the card will be transferred over to the recipient’s Gift Card Balance in their Twitch Wallet.

What can you purchase with Twitch gift cards?

They can be redeemed to purchase Bits, gift subscriptions to your favorite communities or community members, subscriptions for yourself to your favorite Twitch channel, or Turbo.

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