Aug 10, 2020

Introducing Prime Gaming: More of what you love

Today we’re unveiling Prime Gaming. It’s everything you loved about Twitch Prime, and more. Now it’s easier than ever for the more than 150 million paid Amazon Prime members to enjoy everything that’s possible on Twitch and beyond with their Prime membership, from supporting streamers to getting free valuable in-game content for the world’s most played games and a rotating collection of free PC games every month. 

Prime Gaming offers gamers exclusive items and upgrades to make their favorite games like EA SPORTS FIFA 2020 and League of Legends even better.  And, with agreements with many of the world’s biggest game publishers, like Riot Games and Rockstar Games, Prime Gaming members can look forward to many more content upgrades across all the best and upcoming games ahead.  

Twitch creators have already seen major benefits earned from free Prime channel subscriptions. Now with the introduction of Prime Gaming, there are even greater opportunities to grow their audience from the 150 million worldwide paid Prime members discovering Prime Gaming.  

And for Twitch viewers, it’s an easy way to support and subscribe to a streamer’s channel with free monthly subscriptions and special perks, including ad-free viewing and unique emote sets.

So for the TL; DR: new name, same Prime subs, lots more awesome in-game content ahead (plus free games every month!), and even happier gamers, publishers, and Twitch streamers. 

In other news
Aug 11, 2020

Hyper Scape Launches: Celebrate with New Features and Exclusive Emotes

If you thought you knew Hyper Scape, the breakthrough battle royale with new levels of interactivity between Twitch viewers and streamers, wait until you see what's ahead for the August 11th launch and beyond.
Hyper Scape Launches: Celebrate with New Features and Exclusive Emotes Post
Aug 4, 2020

2021 Twitch Research Fellowship

2021 Twitch Research Fellowship Post