Oct 18, 2017 - By Robin Fontaine

TwitchCon Cheering for Charity

This TwitchCon, we’re giving the viewers at home the power to Cheer for Charity on all 11 official TwitchCon channels.

For every 100 Bits Cheered on TwitchCon channels, Twitch will donate $1 to charity, no hashtag needed! The funds collected go toward the fundraising pool for the Tiltify Charity Decathlon, where teams of top broadcasters will compete in various events throughout TwitchCon to score points for their charity. All ten charities will benefit, but the one with the winning team gets the biggest slice of the funds.

To watch the Charity Decathlon live, go to the Charity Plaza Stage channel.

Charities benefitting include: Doctors Without Borders, Stack-Up, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Direct Relief, GameChanger, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Extra Life, Save the Children, Young Survival Coalition, and American Red Cross.

Burning Questions:

What day/time does Cheering for Charity start and end?

You can Cheer for Charity starting on Friday, October 20th at noon PST when the Keynote begins, until 7pm on Sunday, October 22nd, when the show ends.

Do I need to include a hashtag for my Cheers to count?

No hashtag needed!

Do I have to Cheer at least 100 Bits for my Cheer to count towards charity?

No, all Bits Cheered on TwitchCon channels during TwitchCon count, and will be added to the total.

Do any streamers receive revenue from my Cheers on these channels?

No, these are Twitch-owned channels. Twitch is making a donation to charity based on your Cheers, equal to $1 for every 100 Bits Cheered.

Which are the 11 channels where Cheering counts toward charity?

Cheering counts toward charity on the 11 channels where we are showing streams from TwitchCon. These include:

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