Oct 9, 2017 - By Tanisha Gupta

Twitch Partner merch is now on Amazon

Twitch is teaming up with Amazon (once again!) to give Partners a no hassle way to sell their custom merch on the world’s largest marketplace. Merch by Amazon, an invite only service, is opening its doors to Twitch Partners, and access starts rolling out today!

Soon, you’ll be able to buy your favorite streamer’s t-shirts directly on Amazon, and if you are a Twitch Prime (or Amazon Prime) member, you’ll be able to get Prime shipping on your awesome swag. Merch by Amazon is only shipping within the US for now, but we know that the Twitch community is global, so we’re planning to offer international shipping by early 2018.

We’ve created one go-to spot on Amazon for you to see all the available Partner merch. Over the next few weeks as Partners start to add their designs, their shirts will show on this page. Merch by Amazon will let streamers pick from two different types of t-shirts, standard and premium, so that you can have variety in the type of fit you like to wear. Be sure to bookmark the Twitch Partner Merch page on Amazon and check back in regularly to see what’s new!

Twitch Partners, interested in joining the beta?

If you’re a Twitch Partner and you’re interested in participating in the Beta, go to the Partner Settings in your Twitch dashboard and click Merch by Amazon, which will be in the Monetization section.

Unique benefits of Merch By Amazon include:

Set your own royalty. You control how much you make on each sale. Set your prices to be competitive and profitable.

Hassle-free Customer Support. Lean on Amazon Customer Support to handle problems that would otherwise take up valuable time.

Reach Amazon customers. Your t-shirts will be available to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.

Amazon Prime Shipping. All of your products are eligible for Amazon Prime Shipping so your US customers can receive orders quickly.

Additionally, Merch by Amazon will promote Partner merch listings both on and off Amazon via Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Facebook advertising, bringing potential new customers to your designs.

For more details on Merch by Amazon’s royalty calculation and other questions you might have, check out their help page. We’re excited for you to sell your designs on the world’s largest marketplace.

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