Oct 14, 2016 - By Brandon Ewing

The world’s best WoW guilds are on Twitch!

Legion, _World of Warcraft’_s latest expansion, has been nothing short of incredible so far, and with the release of Emerald Nightmare’s Mythic difficulty a few weeks ago, guilds all over the globe were itching to get their hands on Mythic 880 item level gear.

Russian guild Exorsus was the first to clear Legion’s first Mythic raid in glorious fashion by beating the final three bosses before anyone else in the world. And you can watch this epic raid on Twitch now!

(Exorsus: Xavius boss kill — Final boss in Emerald Nightmare)

Coming in 2nd-4th respectively, Method, Serenity and From Scratch jockeyed to be next-in-line, and finished within three hours of one another.

(From Scratch: Cenarius boss kill — 2nd-to-last boss, World 4th)

To round out the top five, Danish Terrace came roaring back despite starting their attempts much later than most other guilds.

(Danish Terrace: Il’gynoth boss kill — 3rd-to-last boss, World 5th)

We also show some love to the reigning American champs, Limit, who finished 10th in the world and first in NA for a second raid tier in a row. We’ll see if they can keep this up as other top NA guilds like Midwinter, who finished 11th for this raid, are nipping at their heels.

(Limit: Cenarius boss kill — 2nd-to-last boss, US 1st)

So what do all these guilds have in common, besides the fact that they’re obviously the best guilds in the world? They all stream on Twitch! You can find their team pages here:

They’ve also been hard-at-work uploading their boss kill videos on Twitch, so if you missed out on Mythic Emerald Nightmare progression, they’ve got you covered!

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