Sep 30, 2016 - By Brian Petrocelli

It’s happening! Curse gets Twitchified.

The Curse communication platform is an amazingly powerful permanent voice and chat server for supporting the games you play and the communities you build. Not to mention all the streamer specific features like polls, giveaways, and even sub-only rooms if you sync your account!

Since Curse officially joined the Twitch family in August, both teams have been working rigorously to cook up awesome new experiences using the best ingredients Twitch and Curse have to offer. And now, you’re getting the first taste.

For starters, to honor the merging of houses, Twitch purple is coming to Curse! Simply select the options cog, choose purple, and bask in the majesty of the Twitchified Curse client, Kreygasm.

The Twitchification doesn’t end there, starting today syncing your Twitch account to Curse grants you immediate access to all of your Twitch emotes on Curse. While in the Curse App, head to the Account Sync page in settings and choose Twitch and you’ll be free to Kappa away.

Oh and last thing, at Twitch we are unbelievably excited about what the future holds as we forge ahead with the Curse team at our side. To celebrate, we are adding a new global emote. Say hello to CurseLit. AND if you download Curse and sync your account with Twitch, you’ll get the TwitchLit emote!!!

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Sep 30, 2016

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