Sep 30, 2016 - By Robin Fontaine

Be a boss on Twitch with Twitch Prime

It is with great pride and a tear of joy in our eye that we present to you the newest product collaboration between Twitch and Amazon. Yes, you guessed it, Twitch Prime!!!

Since the moment it was announced in 2014 that Amazon would acquire Twitch, you have been wondering how we would work with Amazon to bring value to the Twitch community. Well, we took our cue from you. Right after the acquisition there were Reddit posts and tweets asking when we would offer Twitch Prime:

We thought about what that might look like, and set to work designing and building something that would benefit the whole community. We wanted to give you something filled with lots of cool free stuff that would make Twitch fans happy. We wanted to make it like a secret level that unlocks the best parts of Twitch and the best parts of Amazon, where members would feel like total bosses. So that’s what we did!

What is Twitch Prime?

Here it is: Twitch Prime is a new premium experience on Twitch that is included with Amazon Prime. As a Twitch Prime member, you get free game loot every month, like instant access to the newest Hearthstone hero, Tyrande Whisperwind, or the new indie game, Streamline. You also receive discounts on new-release box games sold by Amazon during the pre-order period and for the first two weeks after launch. And on Twitch, once you link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account, you get an ad-free viewing experience, exclusive emotes and chat badge, and one free channel subscription every 30 days. When Twitch Prime members use their free channel subscription every month, the streamer gets paid just like any other subscription, so this introduces a new way to help support the streamers you love, even if you’ve never subscribed before. Or, you can just use it for crashing subscriber-only chat rooms. Your choice, boss! :)

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you may not know that it also includes unlimited fast shipping on millions of items on Amazon. This doesn’t sound exciting until the moment you need to decide between going to the store for toilet paper and playing another round of Overwatch. Amazon Prime benefits vary by country, and may also include unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, streaming music from a library of over a million songs, and more. Check out the full list of Amazon Prime benefits in: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. You can try it for free for 30 days [right here](, and when you do, you get all the Twitch Prime benefits instantly just by linking your Twitch account to your Amazon account. If you already have Amazon Prime, then you get Twitch Prime included at no extra cost, right now! All you have to do is link your Twitch account to your Amazon account here.

Launch Events

We are celebrating the launch of Twitch Prime with two events: a 6-week long Hearthstone celebration, and a $1 million charity event with GameChanger Charity.

· Hearthstone Event — September 30-November 6. Top Hearthstone players will be streaming and celebrating Hearthstone all month, explaining in depth the meta, playing exhibition matches, and more. Throughout the event, all Twitch Prime members get the newest Hearthstone hero, Tyrande Whisperwind, the Night Elf Priestess.

· GameChanger Charity Event — September 30-October 5. We’re running a massive Twitch-wide subscription drive for charity, benefiting GameChanger Charity, a group who raises money and awareness for children with cancer and their families, while creating life-changing experiences. Twitch Prime will donate $100,000 to GameChanger for every 100,000 new subscriptions to any channel on Twitch, whether using the Twitch Prime free subscription or not, between Friday, September 30 and Wednesday , October 5, up to $1 Million. Remember that free channel subscription you get every 30 days with Twitch Prime? You can go sign up for the free trial right now, and use that free channel subscription on any channel you like, and you’d be helping us donate money to GameChanger.

Twitch Prime is available starting today to Prime members in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. For more details and to sign up for a free trial, go to


Q. In which countries is Twitch Prime available?

A. In the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain

Q. How much does Twitch Prime cost?

A. Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime starts with free 30-day trial, then:

  • US: $10.99/month or $99/year

  • Canada: CDN$ 79.00/year

  • UK: £7.99/month.

  • Germany: EUR 49,00/year

  • France: EUR 49,00/year

  • Italy: EUR 19,99/year

  • Spain: EUR 19,95/year

Q. What is Amazon Prime?

A. Amazon Prime is a membership program through Amazon. Prime includes multiple benefits, such as the newly added Twitch Prime, unlimited access to fast shipping, and more! Check out the full list of Amazon Prime benefits in: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. If you are new to Amazon Prime, visit your local Amazon website to start a 30-day free trial. After your free trial, Amazon Prime membership price varies by country.

Q. Some of those benefits sound a lot like Turbo. Is Turbo going away?

A. First, some reassurance: we’re not taking Turbo away from anyone. If you’re a Turbo member, and you prefer to keep your Turbo subscription, you can. But considering everything included with Twitch Prime, we hope you’ll consider upgrading. In regions where Twitch Prime is available (US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), we will no longer take new Turbo subscriptions, and instead will roll the following benefits into Twitch Prime: ad-free viewing across Twitch, exclusive emotes (the ones you get with Turbo, plus some new ones), an exclusive chat badge, and 60 days of video storage for past broadcasts. The chat badge is the Twitch Prime crown, not the Turbo badge.

Q. For people in countries where Twitch Prime isn’t available, is Turbo still an option?

A. Yes. If you live in a country where Twitch Prime isn’t available, you may still subscribe to Turbo.

Q. If you have Amazon Prime already, what happens?

A. If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can get Twitch Prime instantly for no additional cost by linking your accounts at

Q. If you have Turbo and Amazon Prime already, what happens?

A. If you already subscribe to both Turbo and Amazon Prime, you may want to consider canceling Turbo. All the benefits of Turbo are included in Twitch Prime, except that the Turbo chat badge will be replaced with the Twitch Prime badge. You can cancel your Turbo subscription here, and you can go to to connect your Amazon and Twitch accounts and get started with Twitch Prime.

Q. What are the free game loot items available for Twitch Prime members at launch?

A. There will be new loot available every month, so you have surprises in store all year. At launch the following are available:

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